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Order Book

The order book is a list of all currently active orders on a trading pair. It shows the price and sum of orders available at any given price. Price on a trading pair oscillates between the buy and sell orders closest to each other. The discrepancy or gap between the highest buy (bid price) and the lowest sell (ask price) order is called the spread. The sum of orders listed in an order book create a market where buyers and sellers can be matched to engage in trading.

Visually, order books on BSDEX are presented with the current spread in the middle. Sell orders are displayed on top of the spread in direction of rising price. Buy orders show up below the spread and are sorted starting with the highest buy on top. Aside from price, the order book offers further information regarding the liquidity of a trading pair: The column „amount“ shows the available quantity of the paired crypto-asset (in this case Bitcoin/Euro) for every price level. The column „total“ calculates the price total for the available position at every price point (in this case calculated in Euro).

This is extremely vital information to a trader that is planning his buys and sells. For example, the liquidity and volume of an order book/trading pair might dictate position sizing if a trader wants to avoid moving the price too heavily in one direction or the other with his orders.

Screenshot: Order Book

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