Transparent fees. No hidden costs.

Especially in terms of costs, trading places for digital currencies differ. In order to position itself clearly in this area as well, cost transparency is a top priority at BSDEX. Not only the transaction fees, but also explanatory examples can therefore be found in our T&C.

Basically a distinction is made between a maker order and a taker order. Taker orders are those that can be executed immediately after being placed against an order already in the order book. Maker orders, on the other hand, cannot be executed immediately and are placed in the order book.

Execution asMaker orderTaker order

Relative transaction fee

0.20% of transaction volume

0.35% of transaction volume

Minimum transaction fee

0.01 € per order

0.01 € per order

In addition, no further costs are charged for transacting the euro amounts and cryptocurrencies, or for their storage.