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The Börse Stuttgart Digital Exchange – BSDEX for short – offers a trusted platform to trade Bitcoin. Low fees. Transparent trading. Professional features. Made in Germany. We bring the transparency and liquidity provision mechanisms of traditional stock trading to the crypto markets.

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Made in Germany: first regulated trading centre for digital assets

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin can be traded in a variety of ways. However, the Stuttgart Stock Exchange group created a regulated trading venue (according to Section 2 para. 12 KWG - German Banking Act) for digital currencies for the first time with the Stuttgart Digital Exchange (BSDEX). Further digital assets will follow in the future.

Made in Germany. From legitimation to trading and custody to service, all BSDEX partners are based in Germany.

Reliability through strong partners. Euro balances are held free of charge by the German solarisBank AG and are subject to the statutory deposit protection fund. Digital assets are stored by blocknox GmbH within the Stuttgart Stock Exchange group. And finally, the professional service team in Stuttgart can help with all questions about trading on our platform.

Trust is a good thing, but control is better

You should also choose your partner for trading digital assets according to this motto – in every respect

Trading place:

BSDEX is operated by Baden-Württembergische Wertpapierbörse GmbH, which is also responsible for the public exchange. This organisation monitors trading regularity. The technical operator is Stuttgart Stock Exchange Digital Exchange GmbH – a joint venture between the Stuttgart Stock Exchange, Axel Springer Verlag and the finance portal


The multilateral trading system of BSDEX fulfils the regulatory requirements pursuant to Section 2 para. 12 KWG (German Banking Act). EUWAX AG, which is responsible for providing liquidity, is also a regulated financial service provider.

Storing cryptocurrencies:

Blocknox GmbH, a company of the Stuttgart Stock Exchange group, holds custody of cryptocurrencies both acquired and paid in via BSDEX, in a fiduciary capacity. A multi-level security concept was implemented at blocknox GmbH for this purpose.

Account management:

Our banking partner, solarisBank AG, owns a full banking licence.

Safety first! Including at BSDEX!

As a new form of investment, cryptocurrencies initially pose numerous challenges for all market participants. BSDEX benefits from the extensive trading expertise of the Stuttgart Stock Exchange group – especially in terms of transparency and reliability.

Go with the flow! Smooth trading only works with liquidity

This piece of stock-exchange wisdom also applies to BSDEX trading. In this multilateral trading system, buyers and sellers of digital assets are first brought together. Customer orders are therefore executed directly against each other. To ensure high-quality trading, Euwax AG continuously provides liquidity, e.g., when there is no suitable order to be executed in the order book This increases the likelihood of execution. Because the company of the Stuttgart Stock Exchange group acts as a liquidity provider, continuously sets bid and ask prices, and thus guarantees high-quality trading.

Transparency in every detail

Trading platforms for digital currencies differ when it comes to costs. Cost transparency is key to BSDEX, in order for it to be able to position itself clearly on this matter. You will therefore find not only transaction fees but also explanatory examples in our terms and conditions.

There is a basic distinction between maker orders and taker orders. Taker orders are those that can be executed immediately against an order that is already in the order book. Maker orders, on the other hand, cannot be executed immediately and are entered in the order book.

The costs vary depending on the order type. The following table provides an initial overview:

In addition, no further costs are charged for transacting the euro amounts and cryptocurrencies, or for their storage.